Certified translation services

As the world gradually continues to become smaller, it is increasingly getting more and more important for people from different cultures and countries to understand each other. Economies are getting globalized and with the spread of outsourcing, the need for translation services is increasing day by day. There are a lot of certified translation services that cater to customer requirements today.

Certified translation

Translation Services USA offers myriad of services such as Document Translation, Certified Translations, Website and Software Localization, Phone Interpreting, Video Game Localization, Interpreting Services, Remote Video interpreting, Transcription, Video Caption, Voice Over, Translation Tools, etc. Headquartered in Jersey, the Company provides translation services for over 75 different languages and more than 100 different dialects.

The company has been operating for over 15 years now and was earlier known as Leosam Translations. Today, operating under the brand name of Translation Could, the company has, over the years, become one of the most innovative and reliable translation companies in the industry. Founded by Alex Buran, the company has organically grown from scratch to a leading localization company in the United States. The team consists of veterans from the localization industry and employs a very diverse group of software localization engineers and language translators.

The translation team consists of in-house and freelance linguists, translators, proof-readers, web programmers, and quality mangers with extensive experience in translation services and from the fields of medical, technology, and patent translations. The jobs are assigned to native translators to ensure that the message being conveyed is retained even after the translation has been done to a different language. Every transcriptionist, voice over artist, and interpreter is made to undergo a strict screening process to ensure that the clients continue to receive the highest quality service.

For legal and certified documents, translations are offered into English. The translation is also accompanied by a certification letter that is stamped and signed by an official notary. These certificates are accepted by the United States government and professional associations in the country.

The list of clients is pretty impressive with domestic and international names featuring the list. Companies like Dell, Mercer, AmTrust Financial Services, Soundworks Inc., ABC, Hewllet-Packard, Sprint, United Parcel Service, etc. have given testimonials for the satisfactory and high quality service that they have received.

The industries that the company has provided translations services are Retail and Ecommerce, Life Sciences, Legal, Medical, Media and Entertainment, Finance, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, industrial and Manufacturing, Travel and Hospitality, Energy and Mining, Software and Technology, Government and Contractors, and Patent Translation. The list of industries and clients is ever growing.

The company has put up case studies that prospective clients can study and understand how Translation Cloud can help and provide a solution to their communication / translation issues. The case-studies are written in a structured manner with an overview spelling out the challenge that the customer was facing and how Translation Cloud helped understand and solve the situation. Each case study is also available in a downloadable PDF format for reference.

The Translation Could has presence across different locations in the world. It is present in South Florida, London, Paris, Moscow, Sydney, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Chicago and all employees work under the guiding principles of quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. The end output is not just a translated language but conveys the essence of the subject matter of the language being translated from.